Love Yourself

When you truly love yourself you are actually loving Source and All others.  Its because we are all the same ONE.  Human Being’s only know conditional Love.  Source Loves us Unconditionally!  When you move beyond the mind you are able to Love unconditionally.  This involves Living from your Heart.  What do you regularly do to

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Who Am I

If you have read my homepage you know what I feel we all are.  I would love to know what answers you have come to when you ask yourself this universal question?

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Self Actualization

What is Self Actualization?  It seams like a simple concept.  It means you Know you are Source in a unique living form, expressing the unconditional Love that you really are!  However, what does that mean in your daily life?  How do you get to that state of consciousness?

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Why Am I Here

Do you think there is a possibility we are all here for the same purpose?  That Being, to awaken from this world of illusion (MythiA), separate from our Source?  That we created this story out of the belief that we are separate from our Source!

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