Change your Mind, Change your Life

Learn the contents of your subconscious mind and claim your Divine Power.  Asana can not only show you your mind, she can also teach you how to clear and master your mind! She can show you the steps into your heart where you Remember/Realize your Divine Self!

Intuitive Mentor

Asana’s greatest passion is assisting ONE’s who want to know their true nature and express the ONE LOVE that they are. 

Together we will uncover what is behind your superimposed concepts and beliefs.

Asana can help you uncover within your egoic mind, these false concepts, and beliefs so you can dissolve them. This dissolution liberates the mind, and your true nature rises, is expressed, and known by you as the DIVINE ONE, which is Self-Realization.


Speaking Engagements

Asana presents Discourses at various events and places mostly in the Chicagoland Area but does travel to other states and countries. Contact her to book an engagement or discuss the possibilities.  She also does series presentations to groups.


Awaken Beyond The Mind - ONENESS Workshop Level 1

Are you sensing there is more than what you are aware of? 

Are you ready to take the next step into your Conscious Awareness Remembrance? 

Are you Opening to New Integrative KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH of Who You Are? 


If so, this is for you!


Level 1 Includes the following Discourses

Four Principles
Listening with Heart

Beyond Emotional/Physical Pain
Know Your Mind Beyond the Ego
Pain, Polarization, Personal i
The Story is About the Ego
The 12 Mirrors in 3D Consciousness
Perceptions as Experienced in 3D

Primal Imprint
Process of Dis~Solving


Some Genuine Words From My Clients

"I highly recommend this powerful workshop. She’s a treasure to encounter and a catalyst to your deepest journey within"

Stacy Rush

 “Asana is such an amazing Teacher … her teachings are full of joy, information, and inspiration!  I’ve loved all my classes from her ….. so lovely”

Heather Franklin

“You saved me 2 years in therapy by the way you walked me through Donna and Gayle. It has caused a cascade of letting go’s with other relationships that no longer serve me. Thanks for holding that space for me and hearing me out.”

Lisa Soni

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